INGENIUM-IP is a Spanish Law Firm specialized in Intellectual Property and related fields

What began as a small family business 20 years ago is now a holding of three companies which continues to grow due to the recognition and trust placed by our clients.

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Our two sister companies, Aldecoa & Elias SRL, an IP Law Firm based in Mexico City handling IP matters in Mexico and the rest of Latin America and Patrans IP SRL, a specialized patent translation agency, bring the necessary support to create a multidisciplinary group covering all of our clients’ needs.

INGENIUM-IP provides its clients a professional service that guarantees the protection of their Intellectual Property rights in Spain. We are a specialized firm able to provide a dedicated, personalized service to all our clients from individuals to large corporations. We treat all our clients with the same level of courtesy, honesty and respect they expect and deserve from us.

We pride ourselves in finding the most efficient and cost effective ways to achieve the best possible results. Our philosophy is avoiding costly processes whenever possible and work to develop alternative, creative solutions to avoid costly and time consuming prosecutions.

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Patent Filings

A patent is a right granted to an inventor/applicant by governments that permits the patent owner to exclude others from making, selling or using the invention for a period of time.

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Validations in Spain

When a patent application is filed in the European Patent Office (EPO), upon its granting, the applicant can obtain patent protection in up to 40 countries.

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Patent Translations

While many translation companies claim to translate all kinds of documents, we proud ourselves in translating exclusively patents and related patent documents.

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While a “Translation” is the process of rendering text from one language into another so that the meaning is equivalent.

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Rogelio Valdes
Managing Partner
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Annia Rodriguez
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Jessica Rosete
Patent and trademark agent
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Raymi Valdes
Patent and trademark agent
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